Starting a snow and ice management and removal business would need more than just a shovel to manage it to a profitable levels. First and foremost you have to draw inspiration from the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship that include understanding the business, being organized, having patience, and above all possess the needed skills for snow and ice management or snow plowing services. Besides, having a big dream is just but the first step in any business but it’s highly recommended to start small if you are new in snow removal business.

1. Start with an ice management business plan

There is a lot that goes into starting ice management and removal business. Begin with a simple business plan that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to start. Some of the equipment that are needed to effectively remove snow and ice include snow plows, vehicles, and salt spreaders. You can save a lot of money by getting used equipment instead of buying brand new ones.

What is the importance of a business plan? A business plan will help you stay organized and establish your short and long term needs, know the services to you need to offer, establish area of speciality, build a brand, establish your rate, and know your mode of financing.

Snow and ice management requires high level of organization. A failure to meet the demand of a client even for an hour can be catastrophic. It may cause a lot of inconvenience and cost you your contract. As a result you should make your business a 24 hour, on-call task, as well as having a reliable contact email, desk, and bill forms.

2. Meet all the legal requirements before starting out

Starting your business with all the legal documentation will boost your confidence as well as gain trust from your clients. Most of the snowplowing business are regulated locally. Start by making inquiries from your local authorities to establish the proper protocol that you need to follow.

Once you have established the legal requirements needed to start the business, you can begin by obtaining the necessary documents. Some of the most important legal documents for a typical snow and ice removal business include snow and ice removal licences and permits, a business name certificate, establishing tax codes, and insurance.

3. Growing and expanding your snow and ice management and removal business

It takes patience to build any kind of business and especially the snow and ice management and removal business. To begin with, snow removal may involve long working hours in unfavourable conditions. For instance you may have to work throughout wet and cold night. And as such, you have to build resilience in order to realize the fortune in the industry.

The industry also has quite a competition and it requires your business to stand out in order to get contracts. However, when you are starting out it would be preferable to begin by providing snow and ice management or snow plowing services at residential areas. This way you will face little competition and enhanced chance of winning contracts.

Taking your business to the next level may require excellent customer care services and a good marketing strategy. How do handle your customers and market your business concurrently? Well, you can begin by reaching out to potential clients through the word of mouth. When consumers get to interact with you face to face they begin to build trust even before giving you any snow removal job. You also need to adopt an excellent communication strategy that involves regular communication and finally be transparent.


Providing snow plowing services can earn you a fortune but you need to fully understand the intricacies of sub a business in order to run it profitably. Besides, snow and ice removal in most cases is a seasonal business, and as such, you should consider running it as a part time business. That said, it is a great business worth the venture.

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