The concept of moose hunting has arisen over the past few decades. Especially in Canada where the population of moose is quite high, there are businesses that run solely on this purpose. Moose hunting is carried out just for the purpose of having fun, while some others prefer to kill them for meat. It is a source of fun, adventure, and entertainment for many, while one of income for yet many others. Many people have taken it up as a profession while many others look up to it as means of earning a steady passive income.

Hunting rights:

Obtain hunting rights over a large area, preferably a forest, where there are better chances of landing a moose. Get your hold over permission to allow your clients to hunt in that area. This piece of land should be remote and in absolute wilderness. It is not very easy to get a permit in Canada where there are plenty others awaiting theirs, but it is the first step to becoming a successful moose hunting entrepreneur. It also includes getting hold of license tags and validation certificates for your clients, but only after they have confirmed their original true identities.


One needs to get hold on the best arms and ammunition one can find. Guns and rifles are a one-time investment which will fetch you long and heavy returns benefits. The satisfaction of your client should be the aim of your service, and hence do not hesitate to invest in the best of arms. Also, a good gun or rifle can make your clients’ hunting experience an amazing one that they will never forget. They may fetch you more clients which will, in turn, help you grow your business. The moose hunting Canada has will ensure that you never run out of adventure. Combine other animal hunts like black bear or mule to make the experience better and long lasting.

Hunting methods:

Most hunters use hunting methods which will allow their clients to have a better visual experience of the forest area and witness its incredible habitat. Riding a horse or walking on foot can be better options than going around in a motor car. Make sure your clients are physically fit and capable of walking or riding long distances before you sign them up. Allow your clients to explore the area, unless it is not safe. You can also hire a forest guide to help you and your clients navigate your way through the woods. Boat moose hunting is also a great alternative to consider.


Before setting up a moose hunting business, it is very crucial to know the whereabouts of your hunting expedition. Have a clear itinerary planned out for all your trips, right from the time of leaving till reaching there, and coming back home too. Some organisers have their clients flown over in a chartered float plane to the place of hunting. The moose hunting Canada has can save you the hassle of going through long roadways and will also stock up your time and energy to utilise later on. You can opt for this method once your business has taken hold and is expanding.


Some people start a moose hunting business in Canada so that they can experience the thrill of it. They are passionate about hunting and wish to take it up as a profession too. But without proper return of investment, no business will run for long. Make sure you are gaining enough profit for you to keep going. In the initial months it may take a little while to adjust. You can keep your rates to the minimum while excelling at your services. When you start to rise in demand, you can gradually increase you rates while offering even better services. It is a good idea to come up with promotional offers in the first few days of setting up your business. Make sure you generate good revenue in seasonal hunting.


The process of owning a Canada moose hunting business is not easy. It requires lot of support and patience, and extreme amounts of dedicated hard work. The income generated is quite less in the beginning, but is sure to increase in a few years’ time down the lane. Locals as well as tourists mostly prefer to go on thrilling adventurous expeditions like these instead of a quite dinner date or movie night. These people will keep coming and your business will keep expanding. All you need is patience.

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